Sha'mana Temple Arts Certification

6 Month Sha'mana Temple Arts Certification Training Curriculum

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Your 6 month Journey Includes


  • Online Portal with foundational videos 

  • 5 core modules 

  • fortnightly temple meeting

  • Powerful 4 Day Retreat –  Reclaim your Medicine woman

  • Lush 5 Day Retreat – Priestess initiation – Temple Body work

  • Goddess embodiment – 1 Day retreat + Graduation ceremony

  • Facebook Sister circle group

  • Sha’mana Temple Arts Manual & Worksheets

  • Gift packages 

  • Daily Temple practice

  • Optional elective module – learning harmonium and leading kirtan

3  Transformational Retreats 

4 Day Reclaim Your Medicine Woman Retreat

  •  Sacred crafting of a Medicine Doll 
  • Mandala Painting on your drum (Drum included)
  • Creation of your sacred healing rattle (all material provided)
  • Morning Temple practice
  • Sweat lodge; Turning of the Medicine wheel
  • Drum Circle & Shamanic Drum Journey
  • Medicine Song Circle
  • Elemental Dance & Body Art
  •  Spirit dialoguing & Soul Renewal
  • Unearthing your Sacred Medicine
  • Wild woman embodiment
  • Healing touch and earth bathing
  • Sacred Anointing – Essential oils

-Sunshine Coast-

5 Day Shakti Temple Priestess Initiation

  •  Bodywork template & Sacred anatomy
  • Morning Temple Practice
  • Hawaiian Temple Flying
  • Crystal Healing Layouts
  • Deep immersion giving & receiving Bodywork
  • Spa, Sauna & Magnesium pool
  • Ceremonial Temple Bodywork experience
  • Kirtan chanting around fire
  • Bringing Sound healing tools into your sessions
  • Tantric embodiment practices
  • Dakini Dance
  • Mantra temple practices
  • Exploration of our unique voice
  • Self loving replenishment
  • Gaia temple Qi cultivation and Temple Yoga

-Byron Bay – Hinterland




1 day - Graduation Ceremony & Celebration Day Retreat

This one day retreat will be filled with juicy goodness:

  • Dance
  • Art therapy
  • Ceremony &
  • Blissful temple massage.

This day retreat 

This unique day in January 2022 is the final day of training of the 2021 Shamana Temple Arts Training.

A small part of this day will be dedicated to supporting you in giving a sha’mana Temple bodywork session for final practical assessment. This will be done as sacred ceremony.

This will be an opportunity to invite any women in your life to come and receive and really see you shine, in a beautiful environment with your new found Temple Arts Bodywork skills as we share the boundless love!

Location To Be Anounced

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Gift yourself an amazing investment in your Self, your Career and your Life. 

Learn or expand your skills with a new modality,

Delve into self exploration, inner reflection and self care

Treat yourself and receive powerful tools and deep inner nourishment for 2021.

Course Curriculum