Sha'mana Temple Arts

Soul Nectar for your Divine Feminine

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Sha’mana Temple Arts



Rhythm of nature

Come and be nourished by the earth, Sit by her sacred waters. Gather by her cleansing fire. Come breathe the air of the Divine Mother as we sit on the Earth in community. Tribe once more.

Surrender and be guided, nurtured and cared for in body, mind and soul. Lets gather, lets rise, lets heal ourselves and mother earth back into harmony through reconnecting to the sacred web of life.

Sacred Crafting

Entering the Transpersonal realms our purpose is to learn of our light, our mysteries and our wonder, as well as to transcend obstacles on our path. Using transpersonal art therapy we play with colour, fabric, clay, music, dance, meditation and mixed media to discover more of our multi-dimentional self.

Remember what it is like to play again, create again, with no purpose but for the pure bliss of the moment.


Harnessing the power of the collective, embodying sacred ritual and ceremony, we return to our ancestral belonging and knowing. Sha’mana holds space for our collective ancient wisdom to be remembered…So as sisters our innate radiance rains like blessings on the earth. We rise and awaken, taking our place in the sacred circle. It is time.

Sacred Woman

A Woman holds unique codes in her body, aligning to the earth’s frequencies. She is tidal and raw by nature. She is the dance of the feminine incarnate, and she dances to the tune of the moon’s cycles. Understand this dance and become truly alive.

Temple Arts

Delving into the Temple Arts of feminine embodiment practice we remember our roots, mysteries and origins. The high priestess, the temple dancer, the queen, shamaness, temple yogini and holder of the sacred waters.


When We retreat in life , we re-calibrate. We give space for new life, new longing, new wisdom to surface. We tend our inner temple, we nourish our soul. We give space. We heal, and we celebrate.