Temple Arts

Sacred woman


Feeling the pulse of Shakti in our veins, we dance our feminine radiance and re-claim the power of woman. Come resource yourself dear woman, and find your fluid dance. This is a space where we offer sacred circle, exploration of the feminine arts and embodied practice.

Sound Healing

Through the medicine of sound we re-awaken ancient knowing, long buried truths and cellular wisdom from deep within our bones. With sound we elevate our frequency, our divine coding and we connect to the pulse of life.

Embodied Dance

Coming into the body sphere is a sacred practice. it is within the body that we do our healing, integrate our earthly experiences and become whole and integrated in all senses of the word.

Transpersonal Art Therapy & Sacred Crafting

Here to shine, our offerings are to spirit and earth.

We delve into the mystery, the Transpersonal realms, to learn of our light and dark, and to truly rebirth ourselves from within.

Using transpersonal art therapy we play with colour, fabric, caly, music, dance, meditation and mixed media to connect to the light within.

Earth Camp

Come be nourished by the earth. Sit by her sacred waters. Gather by her cleansing fire.

Come breathe the air of the Divine Mother as we sit on the Earth in community. Tribe once more.


Carving spaces in time to re-connect with our divine wonder. Awakening inner silence, a space for the sacred arts to intertwine with creative play, to re-awaken and replenish.


Harnessing the powers of the collective, embodying sacred ritual and ceremony, we return to our ancestoral belonging & knowing.

In festivals, sacred sites and gatherings aroud Australia & the world, Sha’Mana holds space for our collective ancient wisdom to be remembered… So as sisters our innate radiance rains like blessings on the Earth.

We rise and awaken, taking our place in the sacred Circle. It is time.

Temple Bodywork

Here you enter a co-creative healing portal where the ancient arts of acupuncture, kahuna massage, lomi-lomi, shiatsu therapy, healing touch, flower essences, essential oils and reiki light work embrace your body and being. Be bathed in healing sounds and mantra.

Dance your way back into rhythm with your feminine essence