~ testimonials ~

“The entire space and flow was held so beautifully that organically I came in to feeling and processing.”

Kristin Kingwell

“We shared, laughed, cried, embraced, expressed, danced and talked and these threads have woven such a rich experience together for me in just 3 days. I am returning home feeling inspired, activated, nourished, supported and motivated! I have shed a skin and am excited to embrace a more playful existence. My cup is full!!!”

Linda Copland

“I would wish this for all women, to feel so nurtured and inspired in such a gentle, beautiful space. I feel so blessed to have a chance to attend, and feel so enriched by the experience. Thankyou.”

Lana Baskerville

“I found the beauty in my darkness.”

“I felt a shedding of layers and ancient holding – so warm and tingly, dark and safe and held.”

Bevin Bourke

“This retreat was amazingly transformative and challenging. I felt beautifully nourished and supported, and it was an eye opening and connecting experience.”

“I felt the connection of the female energies, and I had an amazing release during the solo tipi experience.”

“I was really nervous coming here, but Zoe and Tanya have helped and supported me beautifully. Being in the circle and a part of a tribe has been a new experience for me and it has helped me transform beliefs, and to work through and discover old issues, at the same time supported throughout the journey of reconnecting with parts of me.”

“This weekend has impacted me on so many levels and I can recommend it to anyone who wants to connect with themselves, a beautiful women tribe and have amazingly nurturing and inspiring women guide them. Thankyou!”

Linda Skerret

“The experience I take home from this amazing weekend exceeds all my expectations. It has been so nourishing, nurturing and love filled.

We were held in the sacred womb of the Divine Feminine, and were given so many tools to dive deep into our beings of vulnerability, creativity and joy. We embraced our inner goddess, and I walked away with a basket filled with inspiration and gifts of empowerment and clarity.”

Anne Mette Vind