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Zoe & Tanya

Shamanic Yogini’s Zoe and Tanya weave their combined backgrounds of therapeutic, retreat facilitation and their experience of over 40 years in the Healing Arts, as an offering towards the Divine Feminine.

Both have trained as Healers, Acupuncturists, Professional Art Therapists and leaders of Sacred Women’s work, mirroring parallel passions and life paths. Both Tanya & Zoe’s love and passion for embodied dance, creativity and resonant sound healing led them to combine their professional therapeutic skills with sacred women’s work, into experiential journey’s & retreats.

Their retreats ‘Weaving the Women’s Way’, ‘Awakening Shakti’, ‘Priestess Path’ and ‘Sacred Women’s Campouts’ combine therapeutic inner work with sisterhood, creativity, healing and play; allowing the full expression of one’s sacred self to emerge.

Sha’mana was born from the heartfelt desire to serve women. We live in a time on Planet when it is truely time to awaken!

Sha’mana is here to help you on your path. We offer resources to heal, empower and remind you of your inner greatness. As therapists and playful goddesses, our focus is on merging the sacred arts with your own creative potential.

We offer transformational courses, camps and retreats to align you with your inner priestess and empower you with the sacred temple arts of dance, song, art and personal alchemy.


‘Tanya has worked in natural therapies for over 20 years, weaving together her many skills as healer and bodyworker into an intuitive mix of sound medicine, bodywork & healing touch.

Her natural fascination with the vibrational and medicinal power of plants lead her to train in Australian and Bach flower essences and essential oils, and later completing her Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including Chinese herbs, acupuncture, Tui-na and moxabustion. She holds a Diploma in both remedial massage and Chinese acupressure massage and has studied with a kuhuna of lineage in her most loved style of massage, Hawaiian Bodywork.

Tanya is a registered acupuncturist and, along with a small team of acupuncturists, runs a community acupuncture clinic in Byron Bay and Mullumbimby, offering affordable and natural health care to the community. Tanya’s TCM training included an internship with some of the best acupuncturists and herbalists in Guan An Men Chinese Medicine Hospital in Beijing, China.

As part of her continuing education she has completed further studies in facial rejuvenation (cosmetic) acupuncture, Dr Tan’s Balance method, auricular therapy and many more techniques that have expanded her scope of practice. She is owner of Inner Balance Sanctuary where she offers intuitive individually tailored sessions blending all her modalities.

Tanya has been facilitating transformational woman’s retreats for the past 7 years combining her passion for sacred woman’s work with meditation, yoga, dance, kirtan, transpersonal art therapy, shamanic drumming and sound healing. Tanya is a sivananda yoga teacher, kirtanist and mantra artist offering chanting sessions and workshops at retreats and events in the Byron Shire and internationally. Tanya facilitated workshops and meditations at the Crystal Castle for 5 years, teaching and holding space for large groups of people. She facilitated puja’s, yoga, meditation and crystal bowl sound healing’s as well as facilitating workshops on the healing power of crystals and plant consciousness.

Training in creative councelling and sacred theatre as well as having completed her Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy Tanya’s soul passion is to invite women to delve into the therapeutic world of creativity and self exploration and realisation through art, and embodied self expression. She is a world traveller and finds her nourishment in visiting sacred sites and places in natures temple where she recharges and gains deep insights and contributes to planetary healing for the benefit of all beings.

Sound medicine is Tanya’s main focus in her healing sanctuary in the Byron shire NSW, where she offers Sound Healings for individuals and groups. She uses tuning forks, crystal and Tibtean singing bowls and other sacred instruments on the body and in the biofield to bring deep healing to mind, body and soul. Biofield tuning is a modality that helps to release past traumas and bring balance and healing to the chakras. It has been named sonic soul retrieval as it guides the practitioner to find and release imbalances in the auric field Tanya also gives sessions of Acutonics sound healing combining the ancient art of acupuncture with the power of sound and intention.

Her passion and souls gifts as light-worker are to be of service to Mother Earth and all beings for raising the collective vibration and consciousness and offering from her heart the message of remembrance of who we really are …. divine beings of love and light.

Tanya is the founder and owner of Inner Balance Sanctuary in Mullumbimby where offers all her modalities.  She facilitates sound healings for both groups and individuals. She also offers mantra mentoring programs, leads kirtan’s in the community and at festivals and teaches beginners Harmonium classes. 

Book a session with Tanya at www.innerbalancesanctuary.com

Tanya’s Qualifications

  • Advanced Diploma Transpersonal Art Therapy (IIA)
  • Sivananda Yoga Teacher
  • Advanced Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (SITCM)
  • Certificate of Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (cosmetic)
  • Certificate of The Balance Method  Acupuncture- (Dr Tan)
  • 5 Element Acupuncture – (Trained with Gye Bennetts)
  • Certificate of Auricular Therapy (trained with Jim Chamlers)
  • Diploma of Chinese Acupressure and energy Medicine (CCHC)
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage (NCC)
  • Hawaiian Kahuna Bodywork – Trained by Kahu (kahuna of Lineage)
  • Raindrop Technique & essential oil doterra wellness advocate
  • Certificate in Indian Head Massage
  • Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner

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Zoe has over 25 years of working in the wellness industry, with a lifelong dedication to natural health and personal development. With over two decades as a meditator and retreat facilitator Zoe now weaves her yogini and shamanic training with her professional skills as a Breathworker and Art therapist into the workshops and women’s retreats she offers.

Zoe lived in ashrams for over ten years, organising and running retreats for people from all walks of life, both nationally and internationally and being part of core logistics in India, Oxford, NSW and Victoria. Travelling to India ten times on yearly pilgrimage she dedicated her life to the yogic path and to helping others.

From an early age her working life centered around horse healing, working with behavioural problems and assisting others in developing natural horsemanship skills and communication. 

Trained in professional Acupuncture & Shiatsu therapy in a range of Oriental therapies; including Japanese and Chinese Acupuncture, Classical, Zen and Barefoot Shiatsu, Cupping, Dietary Therapeutics, Sotai, Tui-na, Moxibustion, Gui Sha, Ryodoraku, Meridian Frequency Therapy, Scalp, Auricular and Cosmetic Acupuncture; her qualifications encompass both the people and equine fields of development. In addition Zoe has extensive skills in Hawaiian massage, Herbs, Essences, and Natural Oils, combined with Energy healing techniques Reiki and Healing Touch, that she has applies to both people and horses.

Her soul focus now encompasses Red Tent Circles, Sacred Women’s work and online and in-person transformational retreats, as well as the mothering of her two gorgeous children Nemahli and Bodhi Kai.

Her passion is the creation of sacred ceremony, embodied work and the cultivation of deep inner wisdom. She holds Art Therapy Immersion Journeys into Feminine Abundance and Women’s Wisdom Temples, which she holds in various locations including a Mongolian Yurt space on her land on the Sunshine Coast.

Zoe is the Founder and principle Teacher of a Feminine Embodiment 6 month Certification training on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. For more information please visit  www.soul-arts.com

Zoe’s Qualifications:

  • Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling (completing)
  • Advanced Diploma Transpersonal Art Therapy (IIA)
  • Deep River Women’s Circle Facilitator
  • Advanced Diploma of Acupuncture (QCOM)
  • Certificate of Cosmetic Acupuncture (CATA)
  • Shamanic Studies & Drum Healing
  • Diploma of Health (Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies) (ASC)
  • Diploma of Breathwork (IHI)
  • Certificate in Hawaiian Massage & Lomi Lomi
  • Raindrop Technique & Essential Oil Practitioner
  • Certificate in Tibetan Reiki
  • Certificate in Indian Head Massage
  • Flower Essence Practitioner
  • Level 3 Healing Touch
  • Meditation teacher

Zoe’s Equine Qualifications:

  • Equine Acupuncture (QCOM)
  • Equine Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies (QCOM)
  • Equine Bodymind Energetics
  • Advanced Animal Communication

For more information please visit her website