Seed Camp

September 14-16 2018

Step One

Grab your tent



Breakfasts & lunchs

Step two

Enter the Sacred Earth Temple

Pitch your Tent

Be Welcomed by your sisters 

Have a Cup of Chai

Step three

Surrender to being guided,

nurtured  & nourished

dance, sing, play, rest, create magic

Be in sacred circle with your sisters

Have yummy wholsome dinners and snacks prepared for you

Sha'mana Seed Camp


Time to unwind and sync back into rhythm with Mother Earth. 

A 3 day camp retreat to reconnect back with your true nature and have time to nourish, nurture and play with your sista’s.

Enjoy yoga classes, dance, art, meditation and sound healings in the arms of nature. Be nourished with home cooked veggie dinners..   

$350 includes 2 dinners, camp fees and all workshops and materials. (byo breakfast and lunch)


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 Sha’mana Seed Camp 

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