The times are asking us to have the courage to be seen, to step out from the protection of being hidden and fully use our soul gifts for change.

Do you sense a deeper destiny calling you forth? 

To be all you were born to be, no longer held back by what is acceptable or supported in the constraints of this modern paradigm? 

Many of us are feeling the murmurs of the earth, the whisperings of our soul path and the return of ancient remembering long forgotten. More than ever we are being asked to find our place, recreate our inner temples and no longer deny what we know intrinsically to be true. 

We are the healers, we are the ones we have forgotten; we are the ones we’ve been looking for. 

We are all the memories of the gods and goddesses, inscribed on the temple walls. We are the ones we’ve been calling out to, and it is our time to rise again.

Within the heart of all sensitive souls is an undeniable seeking of deep ‘place’ in the world. A space where we are seen and acknowledged for the soul gifts we bring in; for the vast lifetimes of knowledge we have accumulated; for the roles we have played over lifetimes of contribution; for the respect that was once common place when our offerings were once seen as valuable contribution.

First and foremost it is up to us to acknowledge the skills we have, and to boldly take our place in the world.