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Sha'mana Earth Sister's Camp

As sisters our shakti needs time to dream & vision. Join us for 3 Day’s of being in the arms of mother earth sitting in circle with your sisters, dancing, singing, creative art and self expression. Be cared for in mind, body & soul.


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Sound Journey Day Retreat

Be guided deep into the inner realms though a Shamanic sound emersion journey, delve into the sacred arts through an embodied clay journey. Enter the luminous, ceremonial space of the womb & heart. 


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Dance Journey Day Retreat

Connect deeply in ceremony. Be guided into a Dance journey, flow, sing, create art and be nurtured. Enter the luminous ceremonial space of the womb and heart. 


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Various Festivals

Join us at various festivals where we offer Yoga, Meditation and sound healing experiences. Explore a magical range of different workshops using various materials to create take home pieces.


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"Each time woman gather in circles with one another, the world heals a little more"

Are you longing to dance, sing, play, and awaken your creative, sensual feminine essence?


The times are asking us to have the courage to be seen, to step out from the protection of being hidden and fully use our soul gifts for change. Do you sense a deeper destiny calling you forth?  To be all you were born to be, no longer held back by what is acceptable...

Gather your soul sisters and dream up your own unique personalised retreat

Journey deeper with your favourite circle of soul sisters and design you own dream retreat. Choose the combination of workshops you’d like and how you would like to be nurtured, perfect for a Blessing way, a soul nourishing rites of passage before marriage, a special birthday or just to gift and nurture yourselves and celebrate your inner goddess.

Choose from the already created retreats below or design your own from the list of divine soul nourishing experiences we offer.   

Sound Medicine

Sacred Sound Journey -Be immersed in a harmonious vibration of celestial and ancient sounds with Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, flutes, drum,Swar Sangam (indian drone and harp) Let the sounds transport you on a healing journey into the stillness and peace of your inner self.

Shamanic Meditation and sound journey – Guided meditation to access your higher wisdom.



Creative Arts

Painting, clay work, drawing, weaving, work with a banquet of different medias to nourish all artisic desires.

Dance – the powerful medicine of dance to take you into your inner realms where you can dance your prayer and call in the energy of transformation.

If you are interested in dreaming up your own retreat 

plant the seed and

Send us a message.

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Sha'mana Earth Sisters Camp

Time to unwind and sync back into rhythm with Mother Earth.

A 3 day camp retreat to reconnect back with your true nature and have time to nourish, nurture and play with your sista’s.

Enjoy yoga classes, dance, art, meditation and sound healings in the arms of nature. Be nourished with some home cooked veggie meals.

$350 includes 2 dinners, camp fees and all workshops and materials. (byo breakfast and lunch)

Weaving the Woman’s Way Retreat

Time … for Sacred Immersion, Creative Play & Therapeutic Connection ….
We invite you on a soulful retreat of creativity and being- ness. A Journey into the Divine Feminine.
This 3 day, residential retreat is an invitation to dive deeply within the self … As we weave the threads of our life into Being.
This is a opportunity to Dance, Sculpt, Draw, Paint & Share our Journeys of Feminine Essence – through the Sacred realms of Creativity & Expression.
“Through Clay, Art, Ritual & Embodied practice – we offer the joyful, healing power of Art Therapy”.
This live-in retreat includes lush, organic vegetarian meals.
Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment!
Accommodation, meals & art materials all inclusive.
​No art skills necessary